A huge thank you to my friends at Goodwill for sponsoring this post, all style, thoughts and opinions are my own! xx Jess

SPOILER ALERT: I found this romper at Goodwill for $12.99 last time I was in Palm Desert.

Yep, $12.99…and that’s not even the best part…its original tags were still on it. The romper is from Ale by Alessandra x Revolve and it retails fro $178. Winning! That is one of the reasons I love Goodwill so much, there is something so gratifying about plucking a diamond from the rough and taking it home with you.

Speaking of diamonds in the rough, I really enjoyed my day with John at Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs where we shot this look. They have such a fab vibe, I was totally side-eyeing the pool which was packed with spring breakers and sun seekers. I totally want to go back and stay there for the weekend and ride their beach cruisers around Palm Springs with John or bachelorette party perhaps? 🙂 The decor is super  fun and colorful too (their pink wall makes a great replacement to the infamous pink door in PS which is no longer photo friendly).

Scroll down to shop this look – I linked the Romper which is on sale right now for $79, but I highly encourage you to head to Goodwill for a romp of your own and see what one of a kinds treasures you discover! With it being Earth month, I wanted to not only share this look, but also talk about everyones plans for spring cleaning their closets.

Super shocking but I heard the other day that only 15% of peoples clothing gets recycled…cray right?! Donating used threads is such a great way help reduce waste (and its a tax write off). So do the Earth a solid, and get a tax write off too! Tips for how to clean your closet out like a pro here.


Photography by John Cobabe

Location: The Saguaro, Palm Springs