Bonjour peeps!

So happy to be back home after one AH-mazing trip to Paris! This trip I really focused on only packing the essentials, beauty bag included and I am happy to report it couldn’t have gone better!

Today I am sharing my top 5 go-to products that are TSA approved and are the perfect space-saving options to take on the road!

  1. Stowaway Cosmetics – I am so happy to have discovered Stowaway Cosmetics! I now have it in my gymbag, my handbag and my travel bag! Their cosmetics are pint-sized making them a great travel companion and the colors are super fabulous – seriously obsessed with the Raspberry lipstick and their Everyday Essential Eye Palette, its even great for brows!
  2. Alba1913 Discovery Kit – Seriously loving the heck out of Alba1913! I have been using their products for more than a month and my skin is noticeably more vibrant, happy and healthy! The discovery kit is the perfect option for a on-the-go skin care routine and comes complete with all of their products so you can enjoy the same glowing skin that you have at home. Typically when I travel I use samples I have received at events just  because they are convinient to carry, so needless to say that my skin was stoked to have some consistency!
  3. Truthpaste + Tongue Scraper – I LOVE Truthpaste and had  no idea a tongue scraper is so essential to dental hygiene – my mouth has been happy and my breath is so much better since I have adopted the use of their toothpaste. Truthpaste is all-natural, organic and avoids using really harmful chemicals (like glycerin) that basically murder your mouths natural eco-system. Check ’em out they are super rad and affordable and travel friendly!
  4. VERB Hydrating Travel Kit – VERB is the cats pajamas, not only are they super affordable and cruelty free, it works on all hair types and smells delish! I love all of their products but one of my faves is the Ghost Oil, its a great product for keeping ends looking sleek! I love their travel kit which comes with shampoo, conditioner and the Ghost Oil…for $15!
  5. Harry’s Razor – I love my razor from Harry’s. Ever since I first started shaving I have always loved men’s razors and felt like I got silkier legs when using them! They also donate 1% of their proceeds to causes they believe in and 1% of their time towards those causes as well. I love the travel case that comes with my razor too, keeping my fingers free from those ‘whoopsies’ moments when I am blindly reaching around for my razor in the morning pre-coffee.