I’ll never forget my first spray tanning experience – I really had no idea what to expect, did absolutely zero research and expected to come out glowing like I’d just spent a week in Cabo, or a tangerine.

Needless to say I was blithely unaware that there were awkward (nearly nakedyoga poses involved, and that I had to wash the solution off before I would have an even golden glow, so wearing a white romper was probably a poor choice.

Thankfully, the crew at Blush Tan was super accommodating to my amateur ways, and after a few visits to their boutique,  I feel like I am getting the hang of things! Personally, I love their Super Express Spray Tan that you can wash off after 2 hours, and has all sorts of magical powers like minimizing cellulite, and wrinkles.

Oh, and did I mention each color is custom made to your skin tone?! So no need to fear that you will leave the place looking like an oompa-loompa! Screw the romper, I was ready to prance around in the blush – the tan looked so natural and lasted for days!

I’m seriously hooked!  If you are local to San Diego, they are a must, and to help you prep for your spray tanning experience (the right way) here are a few tips and trips I’ve  picked up from the experts along the way:

Blush Tan Pro Tip #1: Use lotion the day before – because you can’t use lotion the day of your treatment or until you wash it off!

Blush Tan Pro Tip #2: Exfoliate the day of – This is super key, because it is literally giving the tan a blank slate to adhere to so to speak.  Blush makes this AH-mazing coffee scrub exfoliant, perfect for getting you prepped for the perfect tan!

Blush Tan Pro Tip #3: Tan Lines: If you wear your own unmentionables, make sure that the tan lines match up with your bikini, or it make for a really awkward, and visible line (if it sounds like i’m speaking from experience…thats cuz I am).

Want a little blush of your own?! Great news! If you are local (or visiting) – get 20% off a full body tan with the code ‘chicdisheveled20’!

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Don’t forget that a sunless tan is not a real one, so wear sunscreen and protect yo self and that pretty lil face!