To be completely honest, I always thought I hated polka dots…especially on me.

They have always seemed super vintage and retro, which looks so great on other people, but never in a way that really seemed like my style. So everytime I would find what I thought to be ‘the perfect polka dot dress’, I would buy it wear it once, then it would sit in my closet for months until I got rid of it.

Fast forward to this summer, when I discovered this super cute tie-front lilac polka dot dress from Shein. The tie front is one of my favorite styles, plus the dress is a fun flirty length and even though I hardly ever wear purple, I have been drawn to this lilac shade since wearing it on my nails. With it being $20, I figured it was worth the risk, so needless to say I took the plunge and added it to my cart.

Super happy I did because it made me re-think my whole position on polka dots! Since then, I have realized that all polka dots were not created equal. So if you are looking to dabble in the dotted print, keep in mind that the cut and color of the garment, as well as the size of the polka dots make such a big difference.

Now I know a lot of you are super fans of the spotted print, but for those of you who are more like me and feel pretty ridiculous in pretty prints…I have rounded up some less traditional options like the fun purple dress from this post! Scroll down to shop ’em all as well as my look from today’s post!



All photography by John Cobabe

Location – Springville, Utah