Reworking your wardrobe is a great way to save money (so you can blow it on rad gifts for your friends) and keep from buying trendy pieces you probably won’t ever wear again.

I know, I know – trends can be fun! I don’t mean to be a Scrooge when it comes to trying on new trends, but I really hate spending money on things I know I won’t love in a few years! This is another reason I love keeping a carefully curated closet – it is so much easier to tell what should stay, what should go – and what could use a Clueless-style makeover.

Take the patchwork denim jacket trend for example – will most of the world be rocking patch-adorned jackets come next winter? Honestly, I doubt it – but a personalized wearable scrapbook?! You betcha! You could even add some biker style patches to provide even more character. You might like check out – for iron on patches if this interests you.

If you read my BFF DIY Gift Guide, then you’ll know I scored this denim jacket from Goodwill for the fraction of its retail price (seriously like $5.00 instead of $150) – I have had it for a bit, and while I love the oversized slouchy feel – I felt like it could use a little pick me up, or in this case a little patch me up.

So I began to customize it with fun patches and pins that either caught my eye, or had sentimental value. Patches from Living Dreams, and Clothe + Arrow – two of my fave brands and people, pins from my varsity track jacket, and a variety of other sentimental embellishments have been a great way to not only give a nod to current trends, but rework a piece I otherwise would have left hanging for a while.

Customizing a patchwork jacket is super easy too! Just keep an eye out for pins, and patches on your road trips and while you are out and about – then take that jacket that needs a makeover, and some embroidery thread and *boom* you’ve got everything you need! I suggest a whip-stitch starting from the inside of the jacket and poking it through the patch then using a whip-stitch, and in therms of thread I went for contrasting colors but you can always keep it neutral and match the color of your patch!

Make sure you check out the awesome selection of pins and patches from Clothe + Arrow – they have fun ones from Dayze LA that say things like “Don’t Hate Collaborate”, “See the World”, and “We are the Wild Ones” – for a complete rundown of where I got my pins and patches from, check out the links for the look below! Happy crafting! ๐Ÿ™‚


All photography by Henry Young

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Denim Jacket – Thrifting score from Goodwill San Diego

See the World Patch – Clothe + Arrow

Ice Cream/Watermelon/Fries Patches – Nordstrom

Palm Trees Patch – Living Dreams

Distressed Denim – Joe’s Jeans

Leopard Print Heel – Steve Madden

Baseball Cap – Misschevious Clothing

Pins – Assorted from Zero Gravity via LuvIt