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The Coat All the Stylish Girls in Paris Are Wearing this Winter

During this trip to Paris I couldn’t help but admire the simplistic yet sleek street style of the women there. Normally when I think of Parisian style, I have visions of the latest collections from Balmain, Saint Laurent and Chanel. After all, the architecture and ambiance of the city certainly sets the stage for the ornate. But, the actual day-to-day style of the Parisian woman is surprisingly simplistic.  Namely a heavy wool coat that falls just below the knee, white sneakers (mainly Stan Smith’s), a cross body (mainly YSL or another investment bag) and a scarf…that’s it.

Super simple, but surprisingly stylish. Even in in the bleakest of weather, Parisian style did not disappoint. The weather was cold and cloudy with rainfall every other day, and while it looked like I would be facing the same climate as back home according to my iPhone Weather app…what I didn’t account for was the cold to the bone wind chill that comes with 80% humidity.

If you have read any of my other travel blogs, you’ll know I sidestep ‘touristy’ souvenirs and opt for something more substantial that will remind me of the voyage. This trip was no exception, I was on the hunt for the perfect piece of outerwear. After a stroll on the Champs Élysées, I found several vintage wool options that could do, but in the end found the perfect double breasted coat from Zara. It kept me warm for the remainder of the trip and added the extra je ne sais quoi my outfits were seeking.

I have rounded up some fabulous coats and outfit inspiration for your below at all price points – the best part is each piece is a classic investment piece that you can easily wear for years and each piece will instantly elevate your look and your wardrobe. Très bien!






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