It is definitely sweater weather here in Utah. Given that I am a Southern California transplant, and my wardrobe is full of sundresses and cutoff shorts…it’s safe to say that I was in desperate need of some chic cold weather clothes to help keep me warm this winter.

The first place I turned was Amazon. I don’t know about you, but over the past year, I not only drank the Amazon Prime cool-aid…I downed it. Realizing that I am able to find quality brands at the click of a button, and that my items will be delivered in two days, with free shipping was life changing.

That being said, there are a TON of brands on Amazon, so weeding through all of the options and styles can be tricky. After countless hours scouring over all of the options I ordered a bunch of different options to have a closer look, and have narrowed it down to bring you my top picks.

I love chunky knit sweaters , and cable knit sweaters in winter white, so that is primarily what I shopped for, but then I ventured into mustard tones, embellished sleeves and color block chevron options this season, which BTW, I could not believe that I found the perfect option which comes in 3 really cute colors including the one I am wearing in this post.

Shop all my top picks via the lookbook below!