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Sustainable Gym Threads + 5 Things I Always Keep in My Gym Bag

KEEPING IT 100: A huge shoutout to  prAna for sponsoring this post, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

As many of you know I have made it a mission of mine to live a more sustainable life. My first big step has been my commitment to make my beauty routine 100% cruelty free, and now is slowly starting to trickle into other areas of my life like my closet. Since I practically live in workout gear, finding eco-conscious activewear that looks good both inside and outside of the gym is a big one for me.

Luckily I didn’t have to look to far, thanks to prAna whose very foundation is built on fair trade and sustainable materials. Personally, I am no stranger to prAna.  My dad is a rock climber and so it has been a household name since I was tiny.

As I have started to replace my worn out fitness threads, it has been fun to try something new and branch out of my all-black routine. When looking at prAna’s new spring line, I immediately loved the subtle prints they incorporated into their Costas leggings and sports bra. Since I primarily wear black, I also like that they will go well with all of my other activewear.

Looking forward to continuing my sustainable clothing brand journey, I have found some good ones! If you have a favorite brand that you love and is fair trade or sustainably sourced I would love to know so drop a comment below or e-mail me and say hi!


Costas Legging (they also come in all black)  – PrAna (C&D readers get 15% off with the code GGJE18)

Costas Yoga Bra Top – PrAna (C&D readers get 15% off with the code GGJE18)

Peach Bands Resistance Bands – I found Peach Bands on Amazon and LOVE THEM, they come with a carrying pouch and such a great travel and/or everyday workout essential.

Coconut Deoderant – Kopari (this stuff is the SH*T!!!)

Marble Saffiano Leather Apple Watch Band – Casetify

Wireless Headphones – Nordstrom Rack

Rose and Coconut Lip Oil – Herbivore Cosmetics

All photography by my talented Mama! | Location: Downtown, Salt Lake City, Utah

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    Such a great post. Thanks for blazing the way.

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