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The Low Key Way to Sun Block Your Locks this Summer

During the summer I don’t know about ya’ll, but while I pile on the sunblock religiously, all too often I forget about protecting my hair against the suns rays. Normally I just throw a hat on, or throw it up in a ponytail after I take a dip and thats about it.

That is why I was so surprised to find out that just like our skin, the sun can do some MAH-jor damage to the color and condition of our strands. Split ends, faded color and dry brittle hair are just some of the side effects of chlorine and salt water.

To prevent this I decided to do some digging and discovered keeping your hair feeling shiny and new isn’t as hard as you may think, in fact its super easy! Read on to discover my 5 helpful hacks to have an endless summer of good hair days + a chic peek at my summer regimen!

Summer Hair Hack #1: Trim Your Strands on the Reg

Since I color treat my hair pretty often (ahem, bleach cocktail anyone?!) I have really focused on maintaining a regular routine to keep my hair from suing for separate custody. Healthy summer strands really start with healthy hair in general, so keep up regular haircuts to prevent split ends and breakage caused by use and abuse and bleach.

Summer Hair Hack #2: Drench Your Hair in a Moisturizing Shampoo

During the summer months I use an ultra-moisturizing shampoo like Quench You from my gal pals over at BLNDN. Its a yummy shampoo that doesn’t have any junk in it that will harm your locks like parabens or sulfates.

Summer Hair Hack #3: Deep Conditioning is Key

I switch to a much more concentrated conditioner in the summer months to keep my hair feeling silky and smooth. I tend to hit the beach whenever I can so a hair mask like BLNDN’s repairing mask not only reverses serious damage but it also gives my hair strength and shine without weighing it down.

Summer Hair Hack #4: Turn OFF the Tools

In the summer, I put my hair tools away. My hair is ultra-curly so I tend to us a balancing leave-in cream that prevents sun damage and leaves my hair feeling salon-fab from root to tip without any styling tools! My hair has a mind of its own anyways when it comes to humidity so Save You from BLNDN has literally been a life-saver in keep my locks in line.

Summer Hair Hack #5: Pre-Soak Your Strands

When I hit the water, regardless of if it is poolside or at the beach, I like to pre-soak my hair in cold water so it is way less likely to sop up all of the chlorine and salt water. Another fun trick is to coat your ends with some conditioner after you soak em to give your hair and extra line of defense!

Check out my summer hair care routine below from the babes at BLNDN. Seriously, if you have been following my journey for a while now you might notice how much happier my hair looks over the past year. That is the BLNDN effect all the way.

All-natural products that are plant based are such a great way to go because they solve problems with good for you ingredients, not just mask them with chemicals. Right not you can also get your hands on my summer hair regimen here for only $60 for a limited time! Such a great deal and your hair will thank you, promise!



SHAMPOO: BLNDN ‘Quench You’ Shampoo | CONDITIONER: BLNDN ‘Nourish You’ Conditioner




This post was sponsored by BLNDN – a brand I genuinely endorse for their incredible hair-care products!

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