About a month or so ago I was walking through Target and these really cool tank tops by Chin Up Apparel caught my eye. I loved the cut, they had clever statements like ‘lipstick & lunges’ and they were only $9.99 . Right up my alley considering I usually keep it pretty simple when I work out and rock a tank, sports bra and sports leggings. I  loved the tank so much I ended up checking them out online at Chin Up Apparel and couldn’t resist a tank that combines two of my favorites things in life…cupcakes and exercise!

Right now I am writing a blog for Mountainside Fitness that talks about the benefits of jump rope. Did you know that jump roping for 10 minutes burns the same amount of calories as jogging? I love jumping rope because you can do it anywhere, so if you travel it is like a portable gym. It also works the whole body which is awesome!

Stay tuned for more fun facts about jumping rope on the Mountainside Fitness blog. In the meantime pick up a rope and get ready for some double jumps!

Stay Fit,