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My Style: Leopard Print + Leather Leggings

Besos from Paris!

Super excited to bask in the City of Light with my family during the Thanksgiving holiday, I am so grateful to be surrounded by family in a a city full of inspiration and l’amore!

When traveling with family I like to dress in comfy clothes but when you’re in Paris you kind of need to seize the moment, non?! I love this outfit because it is made up of super affordable pieces from Nordstrom Rack. Having just moved from San Diego earlier this summer I don’t have too many Fall/Winter essentials (so this trip was a great excuse to go shopping).

Leather leggings have been at the top of my shopping list for quite some time, so you can image how excited I was to find this vegan leather pair for under $50. Trés bien! I also love the sporty vibe of this leopard print knit top because it will look great dressed up or dressed down.

Shop the full look below, all of the pieces are under $100 and will make a great addition to any wardrobe!



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