I know what you are thinking…WTF is a rompsuit?! Not quite a romper, not quite a jumpsuit, this lil’ hybrid has become my new favorite discovery. I wish I could take all of the credit, but it was actually Katie the owner of Stroll Boutique in San Diego that turned me onto the concept. I was on the hunt for some new summer pieces to help me beat the heat and was knee deep in traditional rompers when she pulled what looked like a flowy dress off the rack. “Look, it’s like a romper, jumpsuit and a maxi dress all in one!” she exclaimed– and since ‘rumper’ and ‘maxi-suit’ just didn’t sound right–the rompsuit was born!

Life + Comfort are the two biggest factors I consider when carving out my style. Realistically, my life is spent on the go and my clothes have to be as mobile as I am, and comfort is crucial because the last thing I want to do is fidgit with what I am wearing all day because I am either mentally or physically uncomfortable. Similar to its romper cousin, the rompsuit is brilliant because it gives you the length and feel of a maxi dress but offers the mobility and freedom you get when wearing shorts! I was hooked the moment I tried it on because it offers a one-piece solution for everything from festivals to weekends spent on the go.

One of the best parts about living in a new town is discovering new boutiques and coffee shops to frequent on my off time, and Stroll is one of my absolute favorites! Nestled in Little Italy, this shop is the perfect mix of boho-chic threads, jewelry, candles, accessories and local artisans. If you are visiting San Diego, or happen to live here make sure to stroll on in and check ’em out!




Rompsuit + Bracelet + Hat – Stroll Boutique // Handbag – Giuseppe Zanotti

{All photos by Henry Young}