I don’t know about you but for me,  it is about time for a vacation!

Unfortunately, my schedule is pretty hectic over the next few weeks and the only breaks I have, are for client meetings, walking Brooklyn (while simultaneously re-caffinating), or working out!

Don’t get me wrong – I love what I do – but social media never sleeps, and staring at endless amounts of e-mails – and a computer screen in general, is no good for anyones creative juices or state of mind!

Luckily, I have AH-mazing friends that drag me away from my computer to check out fun things around the city like Yoga, or the beach, and they help remind me that more than anything – vacation is a state of mind.

So I got to thinking, what is it about a vacation that sounds so appealing anyways? Personally, I love to relax and explore what life is like as a local when I travel, so I end up checking out new coffee shops and restaurants, then recharging with a good book by the pool  or at the beach.

Then it hit me like a salty ocean wave…duh, that is basically what I could be doing here – but I let myself get stuck in my routine, so I barely see the light of day!

So every month I have decided to take a weekend to explore a new corner of the city, now regardless of if I stay at a charming B&B or make brunch in my own kitchen –  I have realized affording a mental health break (or even a mental health day)  is just good for the soul!

BTW – For those of you who work a more regimented schedules, fret not! Even if its just on lunch, plan ahead like you would a vacation – take that hour and make it yours. Find a nearby park and pack a picnic with co-workers, grab an iced tea and take a walk in a cute neighborhood you’ve wanted to explore, a lot can happen in an hour if you plan it right!

To help motivate the staycationers in us all,  I have rounded up of some of my fave endless summer essentials to help keep the vacation vibes going regardless of  weather work or play is on the agenda.



Photos by Elyse Whall courtesy of The Roc Shop

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