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Spring Clean your Make-Up Routine

The spring is the perfect time to cleanse the soul, your house and your makeup bag!

As the temperatures rise (and the humidity rises along with it), a fresh face can easily go from dewy to disaster before you even get to your desired destination, so to combat this I like to employ a less is more make-up routine…okay, okay – personally, I have never been one for a 20 step beauty routine, so a 5 minute make-up routine have always been my thing.

If you on the other hand, have enough make-up to start your own beauty boutique…it might be time to rid yourself of unwanted, outdated, or unused make-up and replace those items with everyday essentials that you will wear on repeat. You know that closet full of sh*t you had to swim through in order to pluck out the same 5 things you wore on repeat? Same rules apply – it helps when you think of  spring cleaning your make-up bag like you would your closet. (BTW – if you haven’t read my article on streamlining your closet, stop what you’re doing and CLICK HERE).

You might notice that I have left eyeshadow and lipsticks off the list…while I love to add a pop of color now and again, I find that beauty trends are much like fashion trends – they fade faster than a summer tan so its better to invest in a few quality basics before you splurge on 6 shades of glitter lipstick.

Not gonna lie, sometimes I would buy expensive AF beauty products just because they were cute (Chanel compact anyone?) only to find that after $50+ dollars…the product wasn’t nearly as good as my trusty old drugstore powder I had used for years. So after years of trying and testing and trying and tossing make-up I have finally narrowed it down to a few must-have essentials that I have shared below. I also gave you some AH-mazing less expensive drug-store options I have found a long the way (depending upon how much money you have in your beauty budget drugstore cosmetics can be a lifesaver)!

Would love to hear about your fave lusts and musts in the beauty department, this is a newer territory for me so drop a comment below and help a sistah out!



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