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Soak Up the Sun (without the Burn)

Last month in attempt to ‘soak up some sun’ I went against my better judgement and ditched my sunscreen. Big mistake, BIG, HUGE!

Lets just say that I got so burned, I could have easily been mistaken for a pan-seared crustacean who had escaped from a date with destiny at the Red Lobster. This was after a whopping 30 minutes at the beach!!! Turns out that the o-zone ‘mumbo jumbo’ actually means something and whether we like it or not we’ve gotta protect our hides (literally)!

So today I am shedding some much needed light on the biggest myths about tanning, plus some super-easy fixes to prevent skin damage like a pro (yes, you can still be tan too)! #yourwelcome

SUN-BUSTERS Myth no. 1

My Burn Turns to Tan, So It’s All Good

Even if you don’t buy into the whole ‘o-zone’ argument, while your burn might fade to a tan it also leads to another thing…wrinkles. You thought I was going to say Cancer huh? Well, that too. As much as I love a nice golden glow, the last thing I want to look like is one of the vintage leather bags I find thrifting. Turns out that UV rays activate a chemical reaction in our skin cells that lasts for hours. It’s like a way worse version of HIIT training because the ‘afterburn’ is literally happening to your skin, not your calories.

QUICK FIX: To keep skin looking youthful, opt for a 30 SPF (or higher) sunscreen any time you are heading out doors. Yes, even for a coffee run. I like my skin, but I’m also lazy so just opt for moisturizers that have sunscreen built into them. My favorites for the day to day are COOLA’s 50 SPF sunscreen for the face because it is lightweight and doesn’t cause breakouts and their classic sport moisturizing sunscreen.

SUN-BUSTERS Myth no. 2

If I Wear Sunscreen, I Won’t Get a Tan

We’ve all been there, about 3-4 days after we get scorched, our skin adopts this beautiful deep tan…then suddenly it all starts to peel and we are left with nothing but a bunch of bad tan lines.

QUICK FIX: The best way to get a golden glow, is by applying a sunless tanning spray which causes ZERO damage. That being said, you will actually have a better chance of a healthy golden glow (that lasts) by applying (and re-applying) what is called a ‘broad-specturm’ sunscreen. Broad-spectrum means it mitigates damage from UVB rays which cause burns and will also protect your skin from UVA rays which are the ones that cause aging, yay!

SUN-BUSTERS Myth no. 3

My Make-Up has SPF, So I’m Covered

Most make-up these days has an SPF 30 added into them which is great…except for the fact that it would take more than a nickel sized amount of foundation at the very least to give you the same effect as sunscreen. Plus, it doesn’t protect your kisser, your ears or your neck which are sadly some of the biggest offenders when it comes to the big C.

QUICK FIX: Everyone in fashion just loves to layer, so consider this your opportunity to layer in the summer! Start with a base coat of broad spectrum sunscreen, then add your foundation over it – to seal the deal use a mineral-based powder which keeps you from getting all shiny annnnnd adds another layer of protection!


SOS: I’m Sunburned AF – now what?!

I feel you babe, oh how I feel you! Sunburns are the worst! To soothe skin opt-for a aloe-based moisturizer because it naturally helps mitigate the damage and regenerate your cells. I love COOLA’s Radical Recovery because it also contains organic ingredients like lavender which act as an anti-inflammatory (sun burns are an inflammation of the skin) and agave which naturally restores collagen so it prevents aging.


Longhorn Swimsuit by Sundia Swimwear

Black and White Coverup – San Diego Hat Company

Mirrored Aviator – Ray Ban

Callie Anklet – Marrin Costello


Photo by Ben Stivers Photography

All photography by Matthew from Clinetography

This post is sponsored by COOLA – a brand I genuinely support for their cruelty free, organic suncare products! xx

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