Endless coffee dates, selfies, shofies, snaps, and stories – love us or hate us, Bloggers are here to stay (don’t believe me? Just ask Harvard).

But what often surprises me, is how rarely the blogging community – both locally and on a more global level – tend to be an authentic and genuine community. I hear horror stories more often than I’d like, and have even experienced first hand where competition sadly rules waaaaaay more than collaboration. I don’t get why bloggers don’t help each other more. Personally, I’m always happy to offer advice like where to find the best web hosting providers. Visiting hostiserver.com tends to be the first point of call in that respect.

I get it…we are all playing a virtual game of musical chairs with everything from brands and follows, to comments and unique viewers – and it can be hard to completely side-step the fear that when the music stops, someone will be left without a place to sit, or in a bloggers case type. As bloggers, we all aspire to have more followers than the next person, as this will prove to everyone that we are more successful. Especially when it comes to having instagram followers as this is a social media platform that everyone seems to be using now, instead of the likes of Facebook. Even though we can’t do as much blogging as we would like on Instagram, it is still important as an individual that we have as many followers as we can get, as they may be more likely to check out our sites if they are aware of them in the first place. Without this, our world could come to a standstill.

Well peeps – I call bullshit.

In today’s day and age – there are so many options out there when it comes to brands, opportunities and even yes, paid gigs – that boxing other blogger babes out is just downright silly. Not to mention that living in a constant state of comparisons, and fear of the unknown is not only exhausting, its downright un-healthy!

No one has your voice, your style, your look or your ideas…you are unique, we all are.

One of my favorite revelations over the past year is that blogging has nothing to do with your captions, or numbers, and has everything to do with genuinely connecting with people. So over the course of the past few months have crawled out of my shell, and un-chained myself from the ole desk to get out there and actually meet some of these babes who until recently I had only known virtually.

Personally, I have always loved the idea of a bevvy of blogger babes dominating the world one #OOTD at a time, and I for one am both S.T.O.K.E.D., and eternally grateful for the genuine girlbosses that surround me these days. So today in honor of these budding friendships, I am sharing 5 reasons why bloggers need blogging buddies…yes that was plural.


no.1 | We Understand Proper Flatlay Etiquette

Who else will abide by the unspoken rule that food is off limits until the perfect flat lay pic is taken?!

A few weeks ago, my sister and the fambam came out to visit me in San Diego, which was awesome! That is…until we went to the Blue Fish Grill in Little Italy, ordered the most ridiculous spread of food and before I had a chance to snap a single pic – the beautiful insta-worth flatlay was demolished. Ahhhh! Seriously though, have you tried telling a 5 year old to leave the ice cream in tact? Doesn’t work…like, at all.


no. 2 | Events are WAAAAAAY Less Awkward

…and boomerangs are waaaaay more fun!

When I moved to San Diego, I could literally count the people I knew on one, well…one finger (no, not the middle one…I literally knew one person) – I remember the first event I went to, it was at J.Crew and it was awk AF. Events are so much more fun with a partner (or partners) in crime to try clothes on with, enjoy the lite bites and ambience with. Besides…we all know you’ve gotta get that event gram and dressing room selfies aren’t nearly as fun (or flattering) as a boomerang!

no. 3 | You Can Talk Shop

No one else cares about the latest LIKEtoKNOW.it widget update…I promise.

As much as I love my mom, my sister, gym buddies and all of my other friends that don’t run a blog – I can’t help but notice the subtle glaze over their eyes about two minutes into a conversation about blog-related topics. I don’t take it personally, I totes get it – I would be bored to tears too if someone started talking to me about the air-speed velocity of an unladen Swallow (Monty Python reference – cut me some slack its 1 am). I often want to talk about my SEO and what I’ve recently read on fosterseo.ca as it could affect my SEO but I understand that they don’t live in the same world that I do and I just have to accept it. Seriously though from captions to filters and new apps to the difference between real estate seo techniques and ones for blogs – you will always have someone you can count on for a second opinion.

no. 4 | You’ll Always Have Someone to Do Weird Sh*t With

Juice cleanse, fitness fads, swap meets…we got you bae!

I don’t know about you, but I love trying new foods, and exercises, and exploring new corners of the cities I find myself in, and there is no partner in crime quite like a fellow blogger. Not only are you guaranteed to check out the newest coffee/ice cream/avocado toast hotspot in the area – you won’t even have to explain why you are taking countless photos of your shoes while holding your new fangled treat. Besides, have you ever tried taking a photo that requires both hands but you need to focus the photo? Problem solved.


Photo by Ryan Acian

no. 5 | Public Outings = Photo Shoots

But first, let me take a selfie (or 12…).

Only in the parallel universe that bloggers reside, is it normal to take 20 minute on a single ‘gram (or a million pics to get 1 post worthy one), seek out dark alley ways for the ‘perfect lighting’ after brunch, or to take photos of each other at the Farmer’s Market (which also might require laying on the ground, or standing on a bench to get the right ‘angle’). No questions asked, and no judgement because even if you looked up from your phone – you’d realize she is doing it to! 🙂


Photo by @theartafacts – check her out! xx

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Featured image by Plum and Oak Photography.