Let’s be honest…Summer is AH-mazing for social gatherings,  but it is BRU-TAL on hair.

Regardless of if you are a blogger or not, we pretty much all of to deal with styling our hair on a daily(ish) basis – and this leads to a dirty little term we call product buildup…ew.

While we all of the styling effects of the 3 day ‘no shampoo, no problem’ honeymoon phase of a good blowout, if you are anything like me – after day 6, the dry shampoo begins to look more like dandruff and the fact that my hair is is more malleable than Play-Doh is slightly disconcerting.

Enter ReGenesis Detox Hair & Scalp Masque – it tingles your scalp in a fabulous way on contact, stimulates healthy hair growth from root to tip, and eliminates all of that pesky product buildup in a single step! Personally, I love doing a ‘spa night’ and sipping a glass of wine while enjoying a good hair and face masque, some good tunes and the latest book or magazine I’m devouring.

Speaking of face masks, any good suggestions?!  After all of the  fun in the sun, my face needs a little rejuvenation and I would love to try something new!

I would love for you to comment with your faves below.



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