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Chic Travels // Old Town San Diego


My move to San Diego was pretty much on a whim. I got a job opportunity in Social Media and didn’t think twice about the pros or cons of my decision. I knew I wanted a change but didn’t really know what that change was. I had felt like I was in a creative slump, and found myself instastalking fellow bloggers for inspiration. So what better way to shake things up than to move to a place where you only know one person?!

A wise woman once said ‘you take you with you’…granted the wise woman is my mother, and at the time she was talking about my love of nightlife and parties but that is neither here nor there. I had expected the move to find this untapped source of creativity I was almost sure lay dormant inside of me somewhere. Needless to say, no such luck.

Change is defined as a transformation, and after a few weeks of meandering from once fashion show and event to another I began to realize that my move was more of a relocation than a reinvention. If I wanted to break out of my slump I was going to have to work for it.

I reached out to Richelle Marie a fab local photographer in San Diego and after bonding over our love for Ceviche we settled on a shoot in Old Town. I was still melancholy but excited to shoot especially since our location shared the name of my old stomping grounds in Scottsdale. As we ventured through the cobblestone streets littered with street vendors selling ponchos and dream catchers I began to feel a new sense of awareness. I realized I had been looking for inspiration in all of the wrong places.

It’s hard to be your own person if you are looking to others for answers instead of finding them on your own. In fact, my whole foundation for signature style is to be your own trendsetter both in life and in the way you dress. Change can be a good thing, but there in the heart of Old Town San Diego I went looking for change and found something better, myself.


Shirt {H&M} Denim {J Haus Premium Denim} Boots {Similar at Nordstrom} Hat {Vintage Score} Clutch {H&M}





Steps of Old Town



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    Great smile and style 🙂

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