One of my biggest focuses as a fashion stylist and blogger is to break out of the typical way our society tends to view fashion. No two people are alike and so dressing like we are would just be silly! Rather than following the trends that magazines sell us day in and day out, I prefer to buy what I love and know I will love for years to come, on trend or not.

This is one of the reasons I fell in love with the grass roots movement Not Your Typical powered by the creators of Junkie Threads. Their T-Shirt line focuses on creating individual expression and celebrating the differences in people. You know how I am about statement T’s and these are some of my faves!

With Fall right around the corner I have started amping up my transitional pieces which include both these leather shorts from Zara and this awesome track jacket from Clothes Minded boutique. Leather shorts are a great investment because they look great now but will also look good with chunky knits and long sleeved blouses. As for the track jacket, the pattern was so eye catching I couldn’t say no!

Stay Stylish,




IMG_1172Photos by Chea Lamb