A lifesaver…that is what a My Kitsch bun pin is my friends.

Hate wearing your hair down in the summer? Bun pin. Always living between the gym and events? Bun pin. You didn’t wash your hair today? Bun pin. You pulled an all nighter last night? Bun pin.

These bedazzled little ‘do-savers are the #HOTD equivalent of the LBD. Just today I knocked out the gym before I was event bound, and didn’t have time to do my hair – rather than look like a disheveled mess, my bun pin changes my hair from “ew, that chic didn’t do her hair” to “OMG that is so cute, where did you get that?!” {insert sinister laugh here}. Now not only are you less concious of your coif, but your hair is the hit of the party! Hooray! #MyKitschbun for  the win!

There are so many fun options to choose from, and ways to wear them! I am sharing some of my faves with you – but be forewarned – once you get one, they are like Pokèmon, and you’re going to want them all especially since they are all under $20! Check out all of there styles here >> My Kitsch Bun Pins.

BTW – Shout out to my girl Carmen from Hyde-Edwards Salon in San Diego for these sick styles and pictures – don’t forget to check her out, you get a free deep conditioning treatment for your locks with any service when you mention this post!