It is so hard to believe that it is almost August! No matter how old I get I still am reminded of back to school shopping and the feeling of buying new school clothes. My mom would always insist upon covering the basics before adding any fun into the mix.

Regardless of how big my closet gets there are always a few basics I love and wear all of the time!  I am coming to find that I really like a less is more approach to many things. When you strip away all of the extras you realize you don’t need nearly as much of the ‘extra’ as you think you do. When shopping this past week I found myself gravitating towards basic items that I already have in my closet, but have been worn to death!

The White Shirt: Personally I go for lightweight button downs with some movement in the fabric so the shirt doesn’t feel too stiff.  H&M had a buy 2 get 1 free sale, I ended up getting 3 white blouses with their own personalities for only $20!

Leather Shorts: I wear so many denim cutoffs that it can be really nice to change things up. I tend to like pieces that look good slightly disheveled (hence the name) so I am not afraid to live in them. I found these ones at Zara for only $25 on sale!

Contour: After coming back from Europe I realized how much time I can save by skipping my makeup routine! Well…most of it! So I stopped at Sephora and bought the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze which is a great addition to my collection for a ‘No Make-up’ Make-up look!

What are the oldies but goodies in your closet?!

Stay Stylish,