A minimalistic mindset both excites and somewhat terrifies me.

There is something so inspiring about the people I see on Instagram living a life with only the bare necessities in tow, which makes me think that I too want to live a life of utter minimalism, that is…until I was actually standing in front of my closet contemplating which clothes got to stay and which ones had to go.

Then a funny thing happened…once I finally surrendered to the idea of a streamlined wardrobe and got around to cleaning out my closet, I was amazed. Not by how empty it feels…but by how many more options I feel like I have (not to mention how many cool new creative ways I have found to style my clothes)! Now my closet is full of double-tap worthy items that I truly love and actually wear!

The outfit I’m wearing in todays post totally reminds me of how less really can be more, and truthfully sparked todays blog topic. When I originally got this dress, I thought it would look perfect over a body suit, sans slip and worn with a pair of jeans, layers of gold jewelry and heels. But once I put the whole outfit on, I quickly realized how complicated it felt, not to mention that it looked over the top ridiculous.

After trying several different ‘outside of the box’ variations, I gave in and tried the dress on with my pair of simple black sandals and my favorite bamboo arc clutch that I’ve been rocking this spring and boom, it looked awesome without all of the bells and whistles I tried to add to it!

I love the idea of minimalism because it forces me to take a hard look at what I really want out of life, that way I can fill my days with the moments that really matter, and my closet with items I both love and wear. Come to find out, that as I learn to live with less…the more I feel like I have because I am carefully curating, instead of mindlessly collecting.

So these days, instead of spending all of my time collecting the things and experiences I thought I needed to be happy, I now get to spend my time living in the present and throughly enjoying everything I already have…and as far as I’m concerned, happiness is always in style!



All photography by John Cobabe

Location: Provo, Utah