healthy-Late-Night-SnacksWe have all been there…its like, 10:59 p.m. and the clock is ticking away ’til your post is due. You still have to edit 2 photos, the draft is a mess and your fridge begins to whisper your name…

All to often I have reached for the wrong thing…seriously though, the bikini body angel on my right is like “NO Jessica, you do NOT need to microwave a s’more right now…”, but then the little dessert devil to my left shrugs and says “#YOLO” — and we all know who wins that battle…you’ve heard of angel food cake right?! JK..JK!!!

Hence why I decided to start planning ahead of these little ‘snack attacks’ so I have some healthy options on hand that will satisfy even the sweetest of tooth, read on and stay strong it def takes some getting used to but you will see and more importantly feel a difference!

Here are my top 5 fave combos that are easy peasy:

Greek Yogurt + A Fresh Sliced Peach + Pinch of Cinnamon

Fresh Cut Watermelon + Mint + Feta Crumbles

Cottage Cheese + Frech Cut Peaches or Pineapples

A Slice of Toast Whole Wheat + Peanut Butter + Sliced Banana

 My Fave — > BLEND  << Frozen Banana + Honey Vanilla Greek Yougurt + Orange Juice>>

Seriously though, the last one is like an Orange Julius

Stay tuned for more fun easy to make recipes like this under the Health + Fitness section and let me know if there is anything you want to know how to make!