Does anyone else struggle to drink their 8 glasses of water per day? Because I sure do! Why is it that it is sooooo easy to drink 8 cups of coffee without blinking an eye, but water?! The struggle to stay hydrated is real! If you want to stay hyrdated with some quality water then you should check out the bottled water on

Don’t get me wrong, I love water, I really do…but I just don’t crave it and honestly forget about it throughout the day leaving me dehydrated AF because not only am I not drinking water…I’m also working out and drinking a TON of coffee. Ruh-roh.

To solve this little conundrum I have started finding ways to make water fun! A S’well bottle wrapped in palm trees, electrolyte powder that tastes like grape koolaid and coffee infused coconut water. Yes, you read that right. I found the holy-grail of all coconut waters, its an Espresso (aka Coffee Bean) infused version from C2O Coconut Water! #winning. When you do drink water it’s important to make sure it’s clean. For help with this, read Water Filter Way’s articles.

With more than 60% of our bodies being comprised of water, staying hydrated has so many benefits including clear skin and increased metabolism. Kind of important, right?! That being said, with so many options out there from coconut and alkaline water to electrolyte or carbonated versions it can be super difficult to decide what kind of water I’m supposed to be drinking.

Soooo I did a little digging and here is what I found:

Alkaline Water: Celebs like Miranda Kerr swear by this stuff. Alkaline water has a higher pH and is said to increase energy, remove toxins from the body and help metabolize protein while rebuilding your body’s immune system due to trace minerals found in its composition.

Coconut Water: If you just plain struggle with water and need something that doesn’t taste like water this is for you! Plus it helps to regulate blood sugar, relieve hangovers and prevent headaches and hydrates your body. Oh, and it tastes bomb (just make sure it has no added sweeteners – I like C2O Coconut Water because they use all-natural ingredients even in flavored options).

Natural Mineral Water: If you love everything about water, but just want the best kind of water you can get your hands on this is for you. This is ‘pure’ water that hasn’t been man handled or treated in any way. Often bottled at or near the source (check out the Top 10 List here – its surprising how many I hadn’t heard of).

Carbonated Water: If you love soda – this is a great way to go! You still get the fizzy feels from the carbonation without the sugar! Plus with so many fruit infused flavors out there you are bound to find one that tickles your taste buds.

All in all do what makes you the happiest and keeps you hydrated the most. If you like coconut water drink that, if you swear by alkaline water – get your pH on, the most important thing is that you are staying hydrated.

Fun fact – You will reap the best benefits by drinking your water earlier in the day so try starting your day off with a glass of lemon water, I have made mine a part of my morning ritual and find that now I actually crave it.

What are your favorite kinds of water and tricks of the trade to staying hydrated?! Drop a comment below! Also, be sure to check out the cute hydration inspiration I found for you – I swear by my S’well botte and love how it keeps my water cold all day long!