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The Disheveled Girl’s Guide to Trends: The Ruffle 3 Ways

Ruffles have always been a bit girly for my taste – but this season, I have totally caught ruffle fever! With so many cool options from avant garde stripes twisted into ornate embellishments, to the classic LBD with a twist, the ruffle has had a serious makeover and feels like the perfect fresh embellishment for an updated Spring wardrobe.

Regardless of your personal style, there is something for everyone when it comes to this trend! When it comes to uncharted territory in the fashion world, I tend to go for a thrifted or inexpensive option until I know it is something I can see myself wearing on repeat…then I’ll drop some cash on a higher quality piece.

That is why I truly love – they have really affordable options that are always on trend. To test the waters with ruffles I picked out three pieces to see what suited my taste and worked seamlessly into my wardrobe. I found one LBD, a button up shirt that was striped (double duty) and something way out of the norm for me, a pink ruffled top that resembled a Sprinkles cupcake.

One thing is certain, when it comes to ruffles, they make such a statement that you don’t have to add to much else to the look, kinda nice espeically if you don’t like to think to much about pulling a full look together. All in all I was happy with the additions to my wardrobe and have found several ways to rock each one. Check out the three pieces I picked, each one was under $25, so they make great options to try the trend without breaking the bank!



Okay so I am not one to rock the romantics, but something about this multi-tiered pink top just spoke to me. I love the dusty rose color and the front tie so I just decided to go for it. Surprisingly, it was my favorite which taught me never to say never!



I love a classic striped shirt so this updated version with the added ruffle caught my eye immediately. I opted not to button it all the way up but wanted to add a much edgier vibe to the look because it feels more ‘me’. This piece is great as well because it is sleeveless so it is perfect for the spring and can be worn day or night and on or off duty.



Minimalism is kind of my thing – I love black and white and denim and I could honestly live in this color palette forever and die a happy women. So when I saw this minimalistic LBD with a ruffle detail I was hooked. Super easy to wear and looks great everywhere from the office to a night out to dinner. Such a fab option for under $25!



This post was sponsored by – a brand I genuinely support for their affordable trend pieces.

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