Logo t’s, band t’s, statement t’s – when it comes to finding the right graphic tee to fit your signature style, there is no shortage of options to choose from.

What’s funny is growing up, I used to shudder when my mom would bring me home oversized t-shirts from her travels or concerts or work conventions. The thought of her ever bringing home a custom face shirt would have been the worst. But now that I am older, I feel like I would know how to style something like that a bit better. I’d smile and say thank you then add it to the growing drawer of clothes I had no clue what to do with. Fast-forward to now and I am happy to report that my mom was a style genius (once again).

One of the very many reasons I love graphic t-shirts nowadays is because they go with pretty much everything and offer the perfect low-key way to lighten up an otherwise stuffy outfit. A pencil skirt for example takes on a completely different persona when worn with a graphic t-shirt. Graphic tee’s also look great knotted over a pair of skinny jeans or shorts and my latest obsession has been pairing them with my favorite mid-length metallic pleated skirt. Its all about thinking outside the box and finding fun ways to style them in un-conventional ways.

Another cool thing about a graphic tee is how affordable they can be! Can’t afford a Chanel bag or Balmain jacket? Buying the designer brands graphic tee is the perfect way to pay homage to your favorite fashion houses without selling the house you live in to afford it. Yay!

Personally, my latest addition to the growing graphic tee collection hanging in my closet comes by the way of Nike via my donation pile. I have had several of their long oversized tanks forever and recently updated my workout threads, so the tank I am rocking in this post was actually one I was about to donate I got the bright idea to rescue it from the chopping block and chop it up myself. The result? A fresh new nike crop top I love to wear day or night!

Get crafty with yo bad self, go thrifting and if you don’t see what you like in stores? Make one, the options are endless! Besides when you have something to say, a graphic t shirt is the perfect way to wear your heart on your sleeve.