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Create Your Own Lookbook


When I was a little kid, one of my fave past times was creating look books with my Mom and Sister. We would throw in a girlie movie and cozy up on my Mom’s bed or in the kitchen and pour over her latest fashion, home and beauty magazines to create our own personal archive of inspiration. That tradition has stayed with me and I still have every single one! It is fun to take a look back and see how much my style has evolved since then, but also a great way to make note of recurring trends.


As I have grown up, I still keep look books but the process like me, has evolved. Every month when I flip through magazines there will be small odds and ends that really catch my eye! They can be from anything from an Editor’s new find from a recent trip to a full blown look that I love everything about.

I then add them to a folder which contains all the images or items that caught my eye, every other month or so I create a new inspiration board. As fashion continues to evolve I like to keep my ideas pretty fresh as they are ever changing. When I redo my look board, I take the images I still love and put them in my look book.

Try it! You will be surprised how much fun it can you can have being your own editor! In the mean time, here are some of the fun picks for this weeks #lustlist:

1. The FujiFilm Polaroid Camera: I cannot wait to bust this baby out in Paris, such a fun and tangible way to capture fun moments with family and friends!

2. Curtis Kulig ‘Love Me’ Necklace: I am OBSESSED with the graffiti inspired jewelry that Curtis Kulig has collaborated on! I have his tote bag, Vans and now I want this necklace! So chic yet to street!

3. Kate Spade Office Essentials: Chic and cheeky office supplies from staplers and tape dispensers to paper weights and pens!

4. Chanel’s Healthy Glow: The perfect summer glow essential for any girl on the go. Just throw it in your clutch or handbag and use if for eyes, cheeks or an all-over sun kissed complexion without the damaging rays!

Stay Stylish,

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