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Chic at Home: The Table that Bedford Built

Happy Friday everyone!

If you have been following me on Instastories, then you’ll know I have been revamping my little oasis in San Diego. Since I live in a one bedroom apartment, I decided to start with the living room because that is where I host guests and spend the majority of my time.

One of the key pieces to a well-decoreated living room is a solid coffee table, because it truly anchors the whole room. So instead of just picking up yet another cheap piece of furniture from Ikea, I decided to to invest in my first quality piece of furniture. While I have always loved the aesthetics of reclaimed wood furniture, I never really knew where to find it – until now.

As fate would have it I was on a coffee run in Little Italy, when I happened to stumble upon Bedford Built. Epic bespoke dining room tables, ornate desks and raw pieces of reclaimed wood beckoned me to come inside and meet my maker, Joe Bedford.

After a few minutes of chatting with Joe and seeing some more of his work, I knew I had to have one of his pieces.  I wasn’t really sure where to start, but figured I would know the right piece of wood when I saw it. That is when Joe led me to a beautiful piece of reclaimed redwood in the back of his shop – it was love at first sight. Not to chic and just the right amount of disheveled.

Just the right size, and littered with unique elements like glossy edges mixed with raw textures, notches, and knots that all gave the slab of wood a rich amount of character. Sold. Once we chose the piece of wood to work with, he had so many fun options for me to choose from when selecting the legs for my table but ultimately we landed on a classic yet modern metal leg that matches the aesthetics of my style and home perfectly.

Within a few weeks, Joe called me to pick up my very own custom coffee table, and when I saw it for the first time and my jaw almost hit the floor. It is literally the most beautiful insta-worthy piece of furniture I have ever seen. When I took it home and saw it in my living room for the first time, it was like one of those friends you just met, but feel like you have known forever.

If you are local to San Diego, or in the Los Angeles area and happen to be looking for custom furniture, Joe is totally your guy. Make sure to stop by his shop right across from James Coffee in Little Italy and say hello to him and his fab pup-in-crime Hunter, you won’t be disappointed!

Stay tuned for more to come on the home front as I continue to redecorate, in the mean time – make sure to check out my post on tips for creating a a chic and cozy living space! I have also included a few of my fave coffee table books below for ya’ll to scope out for a little stylish inspo to get the creative juices flowing!




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  1. Maggie O'Brian Maggie O'Brian

    Beautiful styling. Gorgeous life. Inspiring every single time. Love your blog.

  2. katherine elisabeth katherine elisabeth

    Most gorgeous table I’ve ever seen!!

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