The jogger pant can be somewhat intimidating to bust out in broad daylight.

I mean, yoga pants are one thing because they have always been worn by hot moms running errands and athleisure happy models, but the jogger? The jogger is like a scrappy no holds barred rebel. Up until recently joggers were called sweats and were associated with gym class and netflix binge sessions…that is until the fashion world got ahold of them and decided it was time to re-brand the word ‘sweatpant’ so they didn’t feel so sloppy stepping out in them. Now it kinda seems like the last thing anyone does is jog in a jogger, go figure.

Personally, I couldn’t be more thrilled that joggers are having a moment in the spotlight. I have loved sweats ever since I was in high school and Abercrombie came out with their take which sat low on the hips making them the ideal way to show off summer tans and bare midriffs in a low key way, much to my mom’s dismay. That being said…sweatpants have come a long way.

The jogger is basically like the Abercrombie sweatpant, only all grown up. They sit higher on the waist making them perfect for tucking in statement T’s and tanks or for rocking croptops that show just a sliver of skin. I also love how most versions these days come cinched at the ankle making them the ultimate partner in crime to wear with everything from sneakers to stilettos.

I like to keep things pretty sporty these days so I paired my fleece joggers (which BTW I found at Urban Outfitters for $50 – totally worth they money because they feel like cashmere), with another fab essential, the sleeveless trench and my fave new ‘No Love Lost’ Sincerely Jules statement T that my girl Arta got me for my birthday. The sleeveless trench is a great way to add additional dimension to a look and is a great way to kick a casual look up a notch or too without much effort.

White kicks are one of my fave springtime staples and are the obvious choice to pair with a jogger, but this look would look equally as cool paired with some black stilettos. That is the cool thing about the jogger, it is newer to the style game so there is so much uncharted territory to add your twist to this unexpected classic.

Looking to add some joggers to your wardrobe?! Shop some of my fave unexpected joggers below and you can also get my exact pair from this look at the end of this post.




 All photography by Henry Young