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The Chic Dish: Top 5 Juice Haunts in San Diego

Smoothies and juices have become an everyday staple in my life.

As a girl constantly on the go I know it may sound funny, but I actually forget to eat sometimes. If you aren’t laughing chances are, its because this happens to you to. Oddly enough, its way easier to do than it sounds. You wake up, grab a cup of coffee and open your laptop and BOOM! Next thing you know its 4pm and you are running out the door to make it to the gym.

To combat this (and a serious case of the hangries) I started incorporating juices into my everyday meal plan several months ago and am totally hooked! You can order a whole weeks worth online and have them on your doorstep the next day, or make a whole weeks supply in your very own kitchen!

I love them because they are super easy to grab on your way out the door on the daily without having to dirty up dishes or your kitchen cooking, plus most of them are filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants making them super good for you!

California is known for its healthy lifestyle and San Diego has some AH-mazing juice spots, so today I have rounded up my top 5 places to get your juice (or smoothie) on!

  1. True Food Kitchen: Ever since I lived in Arizona a few years back and stumbled upon True Food Kitchen, I have been obsessed with the Bright Eyes and Medicine Man juices there. That is why I was so happy to discover their location here in San Diego at the Fashion Valley Mall, and juices make the perfect snack for a day of power shopping!
  2. OH! Juicery: OH! Takes it to another level. Not only do they deliver, you pretty much get your juice before you morning newspaper everyday. Plus, a majority of their juices also rotate according to what is in season, talk about fresh squeezed.
  3. Function Juicery: Okay, so I never really drink the juices here because I am always tempted into getting an Acai bowl here instead. I can’t help myself they are so bomb. Function is also located in PB making it the perfect post weekend yoga pick me up.
  4. Pressed Juicery: I first discovered Pressed Juicery at the lauch of Love Sweat Fitness and fell in love with the simplicity of their juices. I was suspect when it came to some of the ingredients and combinations but was pleasantly surprised at how good they tasted, plus they are healthy AF and they deliver!
  5. Your Kitchen: That’s right! Take all the juicy goodness you enjoy from other places and use it as inspiration for your own kitchen! I love making smoothies and juices, it can be so fun to experiment with different ingredients and coming up with your own options! Today I am sharing one of my favorite smoothies that is super easy to make, check out the recipe below!

Happy juicing!



Blueberry Dream Anti-Oxidant Smoothie

1/2 Cup Frozen Blueberries | 1/2 an Avocado | 1 Cup of Kale | 1 Cup Greek Yogurt

6 Ounces Orange Juice

Combine. Blend. Enjoy.

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  1. Raj Raj

    Great blog! And very informative for someone who is new to San Diego and exploring these!
    Thank you

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