It’s the first day of Spring which means bikini season is right around the corner and people are asking themselves “Can cellulite go away on its own?

While I love bummin’ around in itty-bitty swimmies and short shorts, I can’t help but get self conscious sometimes when it comes to my booty. Its no secret that these hips don’t lie and even though I am super active in the gym it can be really hard to get rid of, or even reduce the appearance of the C word…(relax, people, the other C word)…cellulite.

Turns out, its not just me…according to a recent article in Health Magazine, 90% of women have had to deal with this whether it be a result of genetics, diet or just plain age. Greeeeeeaaaat….so what to do, what to do other than use Luxe Spa Formulas? Well, turns out there are a lot of proactive things we can do to banish this so-called bumpy road – read on for three helpful hacks to have you smooth sailing by summer:


Staying hydrated – both by drinking 2 liters (minimum) of water per day plus eating foods with high water content such as cucumbers, tomatoes and bell peppers. This will help you reduce inflamation, slim down annnnnd help make your connective tissue stronger. Why do you care about connective tissue? Picture this, cellulite is visible when fat cells begin to push against your connective tissue – staying hydrated makes your connective tissue a brick wall instead of a chain link fence against fat cells. #boom

Got Strength?

One of the best ways to kick cellulite to the curb is to blast your wobbly bits with strength training. More often than not, people equate running with fat burning, but truth be told weight training is where it’s at! A 30 minute weight training session followed by a heavy duty cardio session like boxing actually doubles the amount of calories you would burn just by running alone and helps improve your muscle tone and overall body composition.

Massage It Away

Want to give yourself the boost of contouring confidence you need? Fake it til you make it with a contouring cream like Clarins Body Fit. It contains quince leaf which has three all-natural ingredients that are proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite, plus when you apply it the directions walk you through a mini-massage aimed to improve circulation and help break up fat cells. Basically, you are like Michelangelo and your legs are your sculpture.

All in all, cellulite happens…remember you are not alone, cellulite is nothing to be ashamed of, it happens when you have a baby, and you’re doing something amazing bringing a life into the world! Check out BestForMums to see how you can help deal with it if you’re not feeling your yummy mummy self! But don’t forget, 90% of women have some it doesn’t matter if you are skinny or thick, tall or short, a model or an accountant – so at the end of the day, if you are having a ‘moment’, just do what I do and blast some Sir Mixalot or Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child and call it a day!



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Shout out to my bae Arta (@theartafacts) for helping with my pics!