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3 Helpful Hacks to a Great Night’s Sleep

Is it just me, or are sleepless nights the worst?! Earlier this week I was up until 5 am but I totally admit it was totally my doing, I have been super busy lately and living caffeine, so I had not one but TWO venti coffees that day (one of them I polished off at 8pm) and  as a result I had the worst case of insomnia ever!

Turns out drinking coffee after 2pm is going to keep you awake and lack of sleep can lead to crazy side effects like weight gain…saaaay what?! Not to mention the fact that nothing makes you realize how important sleep is like the morning after a restless night! I woke up seeing the world through rose colored glasses…but the exact opposite. The next day I was like a grumpy cat and everything and I mean everything was pissing me off!

So…I decided to look into what tips and tricks there are for helping someone get a good nights rest, here are my top 3 tried and true methods kiss restless nights goodbye and get a great night of rest :

C&D SLEEP TIP NO.1: create a nightly routine

Good sleep starts way before we hit the hay! It starts with healthy habits like cutting the caffeine at a decent hour and avoiding TV (and late night scrolling) at least an hour before bed. It may sound silly but set a bedtime for yourself so you can get a full eight hours of sleep and you don’t accidentally binge watch an entire TV series on Netflix.

C&D  SLEEP TIP NO. 2: treat yo’ self’

When you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping you may as well make the most of that time! Create a nightly ritual, enjoy a good magazine and a scented candle, give yourself a facial, get comfy PJ’s, invest in a good silk sleeping mask, take nice long baths anything to wind down from the daily grind.

C&D SLEEP TIP NO 3: meditate

Dude…I am so serious. Now I listen to Deepak Chopra on the reg and its the cats pajamas! – I play one of his YouTube guided meditations on my iPhone then set it on my nightstand and BOOM, its morning! Not only does it help me sleep, I have found it is very helpful in both my business and personal life. Meditation helps focus on my intentions and helps me keep calm in stressful situations by literally breathing through them.




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