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Category: Chic Outfits

A glimpse into my personal style, one outfit at a time.


Really digging this new Statement-T line I stumbled across on IG called Black | Duara, and wanted to share it with you guys real quick! They caught my eye with their unique fashion illustrations, and have an amazing range of options for both women and men. Seriously though…when  I am talking range, I mean like crazy…

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I don’t think its any secret that we all pretty much love leggings so much… that we wore them until the Blair Waldorf’s of the world were basically forced to accept them as pants. Its kind of funny, because I was among the naysayers for the ‘no limits’ legging movement,  until I realized there…

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There is something about a pop of limón that makes my day — plus lets just be honest, its fun to say. I still remember my first time becoming overjoyed about this shade, I was unpacking the latest shipment at Salvatore Ferragamo and out come these gorgeous clutches in pops…

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Gallery Girl.

When my dad was in town, we headed down to my favorite place in San Diego…La Jolla. In fact, when I moved here, I didn’t stop at my place, I drove straight to La Jolla Cove and took my dog Brooklyn to the Beach. La Jolla Cove has without a…

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Don’t ask me what it is about nightgowns, but I absolutely freaking love them! When I was little, I would love getting sick because my Oma would wrap me up in her best chemise and send me off to bed with a warm cup of Chamomile tea, and a fresh…

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B l a z e.

This Ralph Lauren Crested Blazer has been in my collection for quite some time. Every year the Polo Party in Scottsdale would come up and I would often throw this blazer on because lets be honest, polo anything and Ralph Lauren are pretty much synonymous. It wasn’t until I went to wear this…

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