If you touch your hair with bleach, or are a born-with-it blonde, this one’s for you.

Meet BLNDN – the ultimate hair care system developed right here in Sunny San Diego, by two badass blondes Elisa, and Erica – who had a need for something more. I had literally never heard of their product before, but when they invited me to a girls night involving tacos, blow-outs and other blogger babes, I hopped into my car and made the drive up to Encinitas.

First off, if you are local to the Encinitas area, you have to check out Carrie’s salon,  The Studio by Vanity – her salon is so effing cute and the ambiance just makes you feel like you are at your home away from home. She has such a great vibe and her whole cottage style set up is adorned with a beautiful garden that just emulates serenity (oh, and BTW, her shampoo/condition scalp massage is out of this world).

Anywho, back to BLNDN. I like how the ladies described their line as a system designed to give your hair a good baseline. This are not a ‘styling product’ kind of line – its more like a good skincare line – its not the make-up you enhance your natural beauty with, its what you use to maintain your natural beauty. Almost like how you get a facial every month, and a maintain good skin care regimen…only its your hair. 🙂

For those of you who are bottled blondes, its great because they have natural toners, that eliminate oxidization – and the whole line is gluten free, vegan, animal-cruelty free, and paraben-free. BLNDN uses plant based emollients so its super safe on your strands, while leaving them touchable and  yummy!

Make sure to check out the full line here >> << and see what all of the blondes are buzzing about!