Boxing 101 is one of my favorite classes at Art of Eight Training.

The class take place in the ring, and Coach Danny Perez teaches you the basic fundamentals to boxing, from offensive moves like the jab and cross, to defensive moves to protect your money maker. I love that the class is always involves some combo work so its a great way to partner up with new people and make some new friends!

That being said, there is nothing quite like a kick your butt into gear sweat session, with a personal trainer…and not just any personal trainer – a four time national champion!

I thought Danny’s classes were tough, but hit PT’s? Epic. Jumping over benches, bag work, combos – there is never a dull moment, and I love that Danny keeps me on my toes from one interval to the next, and we are always trying something new so our workouts fly by.

If you are looking for the perfect workout that get results, while having fun and keeps things interesting? Come check out Danny’s classes at Art of Eight Training!

Right now they have a special going on where you can get 13 personal training sessions for the price of 10 and they even offer duo sessions starting at $30 -AND, just to sweeten the deal you can get 2 weeks free with the code ‘CHICANDFIT’, so throw on your fave workout threads, grab yo bestie and come box!