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Are You Judgmental?


As much as I’d like to say that I haven’t been guilty of sizing someone up based on their style, I am definitely guilty of raising the occasional eyebrow. I mean Crocs and socks?! [insert shudder here]…then again, I can”t help but wonder what is it about certain styles that make them so right or oh soooo wrong. Some girls can can rock anything from PJ pants, to socks with sandals without flinching and it looks great on them. Are they early adopters from the pages of Vogue, or are these girls and their unconventional ways of dressing who inspire designers from the get go?

If you had told me clogs or Birkenstocks would be a must have item two years ago I would have rushed you to the hospital. But sure enough last November I opened an issue of Vogue Pairs and there were Birks (with socks) staring back at me. Balenciaga, Celine, Dior all followed and BOOM they were everywhere in less than a year. Joan Rivers won our hearts with her witty but brutal honesty about celebs style, she didn’t care if something En Vogue or not. My founding principal for personal style is that if it feels so wrong it’s right, than it probably is. So when do we put our Fashion Police badges away and just embrace people and their wardrobe choices?

For me, I have to look at my second principal in personal style, being that  a person has to be comfortable in what they are wearing. I am not talking comfy as in cozy, more like if I ran into someone I know dressed like this would I want to run and hide comfortable. If you like what you are wearing than run with it, but if you feel like you look sloppy or aren’t wearing something that is truly you (on trend or not) it doesn’t matter how people think you look, because you think you look ridic.

Personal style is well…personal. While acceptance on any level feels great, knowing who you are and having the genuine confidence to dress like it is waaay better, so if you love rocking crocs and socks than wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care!






Denim {Gap}, T-Shirt {H&M}, Shoe {Steve Madden}, Jacket {Vintage}, Statement Necklace {Ann Taylor}, Bullet Necklace {The Love Bullet}

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