Getting dressed for the airport is a true science because one must strike the perfect balance between style and comfort. I have often found that the tried and true tactic of rocking comfy basics like leggings and oversized knits to be a great way to go.

One of my favorite mantras in fashion is that basic doesn’t have to mean boring, find essentials with elements that speak to your personal style – for me thats in the form of leggings with fishnet, lattice or mesh…for you that might be leather paneling and lace.

Same goes for travel gear – everyone that travels needs it, so find something that looks and feels like you. For far too long I had ugly luggage and I can honestly say that I like traveling a lot more now that I feel more pulled together. Make sure the luggage you choose to go with your outfit is the right size by checking this carry-on luggage size guide. You don’t have to break the bank either – this weekender was only $40 at Forever 21! Ross has great deals on rolling luggage as well, and for all you thrifters out there – Goodwill is a great place to find cool vintage luggage!

Anywho, check out my top 5 airport-approved outfits essentials below including this super cute outfit from prAna, they are a great sustainable brand that has some really comfy threads perfect for traveling the globe. They just launched their new Fall collection and are also C&D readers 15% off through October 5th with the code GHCD12 so you can stock up on your Airport OOTD essentials for you next getaway!


  1. I picked this tip up forever ago from Rachel Zoe in her Book from A to Zoe – Sunglasses are the perfect ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign to get some extra shut-eye instead of an earful from chatty passengers. I love the Aussie brand Quay because they have AH-mazing new styles all the time and are on the more affordable end!
  2. My clothes are like my children and you don’t just leave your children. So I don’t check my bag, instead I opt for a cute weekender like this one from Forever 21 – its durable AF. I tend not to buy designer luggage because people will steal it.
  3. I know some women prefer to stick to jeans, which I totally get. If that applies to you, then just find yourself a comfy pair. Unionbay have a selection of jeans for women which are very comfortable, so it might be worth checking them out. Personally, though, I always stick to leggings. Embellished leggings are a great way to add some style to your outfit without sacrificing comfort. If you have ever had your flight canceled or delayed, you’ll know the value a comfortable pair of leggings can provide. I love this pair from pRana, a really rad sustainable brand my dad turned me onto forever ago, since he is a climber I can always count on him for the low down on the good outdoor gear! (use the code GHCD15 for 15% off through October 5th)
  4. When it comes to shoes, I always wear flats…yes, always. Whether you tend to be a little late from time to time like me, or have to catch a connecting flight running through the airport is a factor to consider. I love wearing comfy sneakers and there are so many options from embellished to all-white adidas classics – bonus points for slides because they slip on and off easy and are super comfy. Trust me when I say that comfortable shoes make the search for coffee much more tolerable so for more info on the types of shoes that are best to wear at the airport, check out Footwear4Workers.
  5. The temperature of the airport, and airplane is always a gamble so I like to wear something that can layer well under/over things, breathe and is, yep – you guessed it, comfortable. I love the Daria knit hoodie from the rad sustainable brand pRana, its comes in a few colors and is the perfect travel companion (use the code GHCD15 for 15% off through October 5th).

This post is sponsored by prAna – a brand I genuinely endorse for their efforts in sustainability.