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Welcome to The Signature Style Revolution!

My name is Jessica, and I’m the Digital Creative behind Chic & Disheveled – The Signature Style Revolution.

What is the Signature Style Revolution you might ask?! Great question! Its all about refining, and defining our life + style and a way to sidestep trends and follow our own hearts. We are all trendsetters in our own unique ways – for so long I wanted to fit in, but you know what they say, why fit in when you were born to stand out? That is what the Signature Style Revolution is all about.

Being our own trendsetters and staying true to our personal sense of style.

With my dad it came in the form of embroidered 501s, disheveled locks and sharpied chucks. The yin to his yang?  My mom – chic and timeless essentials (in multiples) and the occasional splurge. A David Yurman cuff here, a dash of Marc jacobs there would completely elevate her otherwise understated look. Complete opposites living in harmony offered the perfect environment for me to find my own way.

On Chic & Disheveled I offer a variety of helpful hacks to help you discover what your signature style is, and how to live it every day. From navigating tricky style and beauty trends and traveling the globe in style, to healthy home-cooked meals and fitness routines –  I’ve got you covered! No matter how many clothes we have, we all have those tried and true favorites hanging in our closets that we practically live in…our go-to style, or “signature”of sorts. On Chic & Disheveled, I am here to help inspire you to refine and define your own signature style by sharing tips for becoming your own trendsetter, not just in fashion – but life.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ll visit often and join me in the Signature Style Revolution!