One of my biggest focuses in the new year is living a more sustainable lifestyle, including adopting a cruelty free and somewhat vegan beauty routine. While I haven’t gone full-fledged Vegan, what I have done, is start to replace old brands that don’t adhere to eco and animal friendly guidelines with ones that do. It might sound like a pain in the ass, but at the end of the day I feel a lot better about the brands I am supporting, not to mention using on my body.

Today I have rounded up 6 vegan and cruelty free dental essentials that I personally use to help keep my teeth happy and healthy! I have linked to all of them so you can check them out, including my two latest and greatest additions yummy smelling coconut floss from a new brand I am loving called COCOFLOSS,  and coconut oil pullers from one of my fave brands Kopari! They are super easy to use and remove plaque and stains from your teeth really well!

I would love for you to drop a comment below sharing your favorite vegan and cruelty free beauty must-haves!  


  1. This is a MUST, it scrapes all the yucky stuff off of your tongue and keeps your breath supa fresh! Ayurvedic tongue scraper – Truthpaste
  2. The yummiest smelling floss I’ve ever used! Coconut Oil-Based Floss – COCOFLOSS (get $5.00 off with COCOFLOSSWITHME18)**
  3. Shines up your pearly whites like none other! Charcoal Powder Teeth Whitening – Bianco Smile
  4. Freshens breath! Ginger, Mint, and Cinnamon Gum + Mints – Simply Gum
  5. Brush your teeth with chemical (and sugar) free toothpaste! All-Natural Toothpaste – Truthpaste
  6. Remove stains and plaque with coconut oil pulling! Coco Oil Pullers – Kopari


** I received this product complimentary from COCOFLOSS. All opinions are 100% my own.