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5 Home Décor Hacks for a Chic + Cozy Living Space.

Style extends so much further beyond what we wear. Our style is a reflection of how we live – and no matter how big or small a living quarters may be, home so much more then where we hang our hats!

Home is where we re-charge, re-generate, and re-emerge to face the world. Every. Single. Day. Aside from being clean (this should be obvious, but worth stating) your home should be an extension of you are – just like your wardrobe.

So today, I am sharing 5 easy to follow tips to create a stylish living space – don’t worry it may be easier (and less expensive) than you think!

De-clutter: Take an honest look around your place…are there loose TV wires creeping out to ensnare unsuspecting guests? Does your guest bath look more like a public restroom? Are your photos from an era where scrunchies were all the rage? Make notes, and remove items such as old/unused kitchen appliances, chipped dishes, as well as anything you haven’t used in a year.

Be selective: This is one of the most important concepts to take away from this article and not only pertaining to your home, but to life in general. Cher from Clueless said it best… “you’ve seen how picky I am about my shoes, and they only go on my feet!” …there is no point in de-cluttering your space only to clutter it right back up. Don’t force it!

Get Creative: This pertains mainly to your re-decorating budget. Regardless of if you have $100 or $1000 there are ways to make your money last and achieve the look you want! Just repeat after me – quality of over quantity. A few throw pillows here, a scented candle there – think about a world class hotel, each item is carefully curated and deliberately placed to enhance the guests experience, why not take the experience home with you?!

Be Thrifty: Thrifting is also a way to go glam with limited funds! My sister recently bought me a book by Lara Spencer called I Break for Yard Sales and this opened my eyes to a whole new way to decorate! Painting and re-finishing sounds daunting until you consider the savings! A wet bar retails upwards of $350 for starters. I recently spied a dingy bar with good bones at Ross that cost $55 out the door plus $10 in paint. I now have a custom wet bar that matches my place perfectly for under $75!!! If it helps you get your hands dirty, think of it as couture for your crib!

Be Creative: In honor of Earth day, I went through my home and did some spring cleaning, but rather than throw everything away I did my best to find new uses for things! Mason jars became Tupperware for everything from the biscotti and almonds I snack on, to the extra coffee I save from the morning to put over ice later that day. An old cheese grater became an earring holder. Old tea cups now hold lipstick and eye pencils and so on.

Once you de-clutter your space – be careful not to just fill it back up with s*it, as you go about your life keep an eye out for items that have meaning and only fill your space with items you L.O.V.E. When you travel, instead of souvenirs you will throw away in step one, be selective and only bring home what you will use …if that limits you to a scented candle, so be it – you will use it farrrr more than some ugly fridge magnet!

Remember our tastes and style consistently change, and a perfectly decorated home doesn’t happen over night – but follow these tips and you will be well on your way. Leave a comment below, I would love to know how you make your house a home.


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