Shopping at a thrift store might seem rather intimidating (or pointless) at first, trust me…I get it. If you are an organization freak like me, you probably just see racks of junk and leave.

Consider this though, one of the coolest things about thrifting is that chances are, no one else will have what you are wearing. As a person who really values individual style, this to me is reason enough to shop second hand. Thrifting also helps your money go further…like a lot further. One time I updated my entire wardrobe for $40 – click here for proof.

One of my top tips for thrifting is to make a list of desired items. So today, I am sharing 5 pieces that you can easily hunt for at a thrift store that are not only right on trend for Fall, but will have people asking you where they can buy one! BTW – In case you need a crash course in thrifting, check out other helpful hacks in this blog post first.


Leopard print is one of my favorite ways to spice up my otherwise minimalistic wardrobe and its also really easy to spot (pun intended). I scored this faux fur leopard print jacket at Goodwill for $6.00 after seeing Kate Moss rock a similar version in her famous Supreme ad. Funny thing about this jacket? It never goes out of style! Year after year I see brands with similar versions, the only difference? The $100+ price tag.


Star prints are all the rage this year and show no signs of slowing down. Nor do camo prints and sequins which is awesome for thrift savvy shoppers because similar to leopard print, they are super easy to pick out of a rack full of clothes. 9 times out of 10 I can walk through an entire thrift store without even having to touch anything until I spy the glint of a sequin begging to be plucked.


Velvet is coming back in a huge way this year – OTK boots, dresses, crop tops and pants – anything goes! I love shopping for vintage velvet because a lot of the older pieces have really cool feminine shapes and ornate details like snazzy buttons. Word to the wise, ignore the sizing when you go thrifting and try things on – you will be surprised how much sizing fluctuates from decade to decade.


Most thrift stores will create racks/rounders categorizing clothing into sections like ‘short sleeved tops’, ‘outerwear’ etc, so finding the rack with denim jackets is pretty easy to do. Picking up a denim jacket at a thrift store is a great way to score a well worn in option for the fraction of what they normally cost.


Every once in awhile you will make the score of the season, like I did when I stumbled upon this Salvatore Ferragamo micro-cross body bag for under $100! One of the coolest thrift scores I have found to date and such a fun and unique twist on the current trend. Plus, if you have a good eye – the cool thing about scoring designer pieces at a second hand store, is that you will pay way less than you would if you bought them from an e-bay site who specializes in thrifted pieces. Not to mention, waaaaay less what a  updated version would cost in a designer boutique at full price.

My parting words before you go on your thrifting rampage – make sure you triple check you thrifting treasures before you buy them. Sequined shirts especially can be missing beads in which case I will most likely pass on them. There are pretty strict ‘final sale’ policies at these kinds of shops so you want to make sure you don’t suffer from buyers remorse because of a missed snag!

Happy Hunting!


This post was sponsored by Goodwill – a brand I genuinely endorse for their mission to provide jobs and make a difference in their local communities and beyond.