So, I recently moved to Utah and while I love it here, I really miss the palm trees and beachy vibes that San Diego has to offer.

That is why one of the first things I started to work on is transforming my rental cottage into a desert-tropic inspired oasis. Let’s face it, you can take the girl out of California but you can’t take the California dreamin’ out of the girl! California is such a great place to live in, so I understand why some people may choose to find a home in Rolling Hills or San Francisco, for example.

Anyway, given that my place isn’t ‘technically’ mine since its a rental (details, details), I opted to make some less permanent alterations to my space. Landlords tend to frown upon remodeling their spaces without asking. So…instead, I am sharing 3 really rad ways to transform your rental space into your own style-inspired oasis!

no. 1



Peel and stick are two of my favorite words when strung together and in reference to wallpaper. I am obsessed with the palm print wallpaper in the Beverly Hills Hotel and figured the dated shelving in my bathroom would be the perfect place for a pop of print.

You can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon who offers a huge selection of pre-cut removable wallpaper strips! Yes, you read that right – for $60, they offer a variety of wallpaper in different prints, pre-rolled with removable sticky backing, so all you have to do is literally measure cut and stick, voila! Bathroom re-vamp!

My bathroom now has selfie-approved walls! Totally recommend trying this, I opted for the Peach Pacifico Palm wallpaper to add depth while still complimenting the neutral tones in my bathroom in peach and love am obsessed! Shop it here. ๐Ÿ™‚

no. 2


If you live in a rental home, a front door replacement is a great place start, as it can add a new look to the property, harmonising with the aesthetics. A new door is also perfect for insulation and security. The newer, the better. Some landlords might allow you to look for a company that can install new front doors austin area, or somewhere more local to you. This can have a significant impact on the exterior of the house. However, not all landlords are going to allow this. If that’s the case, another way to update your home is to add a pop of color into the mix that way you don’t spend a ton of money on paint and it is easy to change back.

I’m really digging pink lately, there is this AH-mazing house in Palm Springs with a pink door and when I saw it on my very first trip I have dreamed of having one ever since. My last place didn’t let you make any exterior alterations (boooo), but my new place said yes so naturally this was completed week one! ๐Ÿ™‚

I opted for Cotton Candy Pink by Glidden and used three coats – all in all the alteration cost me less that $30 and it makes me happy every time I drive up to my place.

You can also add a wreath to your door and if your doorstep is outdoors potted plants which can double as a veggie or herb garden if you like to cook but don’t have a yard.

no. 3


Light switches, jewelry hooks, cabinet door handles – look at each functional item in your space as an opportunity to be updated with a bit of personal pizzaz.

I love going to Anthropologie and digging through their door knobs and hooks and handles for fun and unique updates that I can add to any DIY projects I have around the house. World Market also has some really great options and are a bit less spendy. Here are some of my faves:

The biggest thing here is to remember to keep the old hardware so you can switch it back when you move!


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