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3 Simple Steps for Mastering Beach-Proof Hair

Mastering bombshell beach-proof hair has been on the top of my list this spring.

Last summer I can’t tell you how sick I got of doing my hair and putting all of this effort into it before heading to the beach, only for it to morph into a pile of frizz within a half an hour of my toes touching the sand! Seriously…so annoying right?! So I turned to my hair BFF Carmen at Hyde-Edwards salon for some helpful hacks to achieve the beachy texture that a launched a million salt sprays.

Well turns out that I have been over thinking it…like a lot, a lot. I was shocked to hear that the rules (and tools) for beach-approved hair can be counted on one hand, three fingers to be exact. So put your blow dryer down, and check these out:

Rule #1 Embrace Your Natural Texture

My hair is naturally curly so trying to achieve sleek strands at the beach is about as smart as sticking a fork in an electric socket. Its never going to happen so rather than trying to outsmart my genes, Carmen suggested I embrace them. We shaped a few of my natural curls but literally washed and towel dried my hair – no blow dryer necessary which is kind of nice!

Rule #2 Add Some Grit

This is probably one of the few times you will hear me tell you stick your head in the sand! I’m not telling you to literally roll around on the beach head first…though that is one way to get things done. For those of you looking for an easier (and cleaner) way to get some natural beach texture – try a sea salt or texture spray.  This is pretty much the only product you need for beachy hair and give you the same effect as if you had already been bummin’ around the beach all day. Yay! Focus on the ends and mid-lengths of your hair then let it air dry. To enhance my curls, after my hair air dried Carmen used a curling iron and tightly wound 1 inch sections of hair around the wand and repeated this step until my whole head of hair looked like an order of curly fries – then I was off to the beach and we let gravity do its thing.

Rule #3 Let It Ride

My hair held up pretty well thanks to the salt spray, even when it got wet. That being said, it definitely had a mind of its own by lunchtime. So I just accepted that its going to look a little cray and enjoyed the day…why spend time worrying about your hair at the beach anyways when the sun is shining?! Worst case scenario or of you want to keep it out of your face, one of my fave tricks is to bring a baseball cap and pull the pony tail through the back or tie my salty strands up in a messy topknot and call it a day ;p



All photography by Stephen Robert

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