If you are new to shopping second-hand, finding that perfect diamond in the rough can feel next to impossible among a sea of gently used threads.

That is why I am so excited about Swap.com! It is literally the largest online consignment store to buy and sell your used threads. Yep, thats right. That means no more fighting the crowds to sift through racks at the thrift shop, and no more hauling bags of used clothing to your nearest consigner, in hopes that the buyer that day shares your sense of style (and isn’t suffering from a case of the hangeries). Still not convinced? Read on for my top 3 reasons online consignment is a great idea!


Don’t get me wrong…I love a good trip to the thrift shop as much as the next style seeker, but all too often I walk out hours later empty handed and with my schedule getting busier and busier I just don’t have the time to peruse like I used to. With Swap.com you can literally search through thousands of clothes, accessories and even toys with the click of a button.

Plus, the prices are incredibly affordable and with the flash sales and promo codes Swap offers on the reg, you can score one heck of a deal! I scored this AH-mazing Amuse Society Cardigan and Happy Camper Ringer Tee for a fraction of what they would normally cost and literally looked brand new when I got them! Speaking of, get 40% off now through January 31st with the code CHIC!


There are certain brands we all love and that fit us to a T, amIright?! Well, Swap.com makes it super easy to find your faves because of their advanced search option where you can narrow your search down by brand, color, size, season, even condition. So if you only want to see the clothes on their site that fight you and are ‘New With Tags’…you can!


If you are a regular on the thrifting scene than this is a big one, because as you know most thrift stores have a strict ‘No Refund’ or ‘Store Credit Only’ policy, with Swap.com, you can buy with confidence because if something doesn’t fit, all you have to do is go onto their site, print a label off and send the item packing. You will receive a refund within 5 business days, just like a full-price department store!

This takes the guess work and worry out of your online shopping experience, you can try something outside of the box and see how it looks with other items in your wardrobe without worrying that you will be stuck with it forever! #byebyebuyersremorse

Looking to clean out the ole’ closet?! Make sure to check out their awesome consigner options as well! You can send them your used threads with a pre-paid shipping label and they will take care of the rest! Did I mention for all you moms out there that they even accept toys for babies and kids?! For more info on buying, selling and their donation process head over to Swap.com for the full 411!

This post is sponsored by Swap.com – a brand I genuinely endorse for their dedication to reducing waste!