The moment the clock struck midnight all Hallows Eve, its no surprise that the faint sound of Christmas music could be heard, well everywhere. The holidays are right around the corner, and with it – an endless list of people to get presents for.

Suffering from amnesia when it comes to the perfect gift? No worries, Goodwill has got you covered, today we partnered up to share 3 affordable, and easy to make DIY presents for the the #GirlGang in your life – for real though, you can make some of these gifts for under $10!

From a simple DIY denim patchwork jacket to a crowd-pleasing DIY dream-catcher, these crafty creations are sure to wow even the pickiest of BFF’s. If you want to try and wow your BFF, find a picture of yourself and your BFF together, send the picture off and have custom bobbleheads created of you and your BFF together, so they know who will always be at their side, no matter what!

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For the #Girlboss: The Doily Dream Catcher

Who doesn’t love a good dream catcher?! Help your #girlsquad reach for the stars by sifting through all the bad dreams so they can hold onto the good ones!

To Make:

Head to the nearest Goodwill and seek out their linen section – they always have the most unique hand crocheted doilies that make a fantastic centerpiece for your dream catcher.

Next, head to your local craft store – you will need yarn, spaghetti hoops, and any feathers or beads that strike your fancy.

Attach your doily to the spaghetti hoop with a thread and needle.

Then, wrap the spaghetti hoop in yarn to cover as much (or as little) of the silver that you want.

Last but not least, decorate it with feathers, beads and any other cool ideas you have – get creative! I used my fave bullhead cake-topper from The Roc Shop to make mine!


For the Globe-Trotter: The Denim BFF Scrapbook

Patch adorned denim is EVERYWHERE right now! Why spend your whole months clothing allowance on one from major retailers, when you can make one for your bestie (and you #score!) for literally a fraction of the cost?!

Plus, it is a super cool way to document trips you take – instead of cheesy souvenirs, pick up a pin or patch and add it to the jacket to commemorate your travels together!




For the Tea (or Coffee) Addict: Goodwill Giftset

One of the coolest things about Goodwill is how you will very rarely find a ‘set’ of anything – in part, its this mis-matched hodgepodge that makes Goodwill so fun.

Instead of getting the yawn store bought Starbucks gift set for $29.99 + tax that everyone has – head to Goodwill and check out their unique selection of dish wear then head to your local coffee and/or tea house and finish the gift off with a hand selected blend you think they’ll like!


This post was sponsored by Goodwill – a brand I genuinely endorse because of the AH-mazing work they do within local communities nationwide.