One of my favorite things about working out at Art of Eight training is their dedication to building a solid core.

Abs are much more than just a beach side necessity – our core is what gives us stability to do everything from lift weights to holding a pose in yoga.

Beyond that, belly fat can be one of the hardest things to get rid of, and with the holidays (and holiday parties) around the corner its only going to get harder, so its really important to incorporate a good ab workout into your everyday routine!

One of the greatest things about a core workout is it doesn’t have to last forever, and you can easily do it on the daily – in fact, Danny my coach at the gym has my abs burning in 10 minutes or less. So if you

So today, I am sharing some of my fave ab workouts to help you build and maintain a solid core, in no time! Literally 10 minutes in the morning and you’re done, you’ll notice a difference in less than 2 weeks!

As you get more solid in your core, you can start to increase the amount of reps you do, and/or add weight to vary the degree of difficulty.

Keep me posted on your progress below, or if you have any questions about the ab moves listed below! Also, I would love to hear your favorite core moves, so drop a comment below tell me some of your favorite ab workouts! I’m always looking for new moves!